May 9, 2010


Recorded 1 song of theirs at their band practise.








The Development of Local Alternative Bands; The Pitch

April 12, 2010

Synopsis: We will be presenting a documentary on the development of local alternative bands.

Why they do it, how do they support themselves? their jobs etc.

Why do they play shows? Just for the money? Wish to achieve stardom or fame? something more….?

How their music influences fans, to start their own band etc.

Then we will go into the controversial side of “screaming” and have a look at why many people think its

shit and then why do fans like it.

That it actually require skill and practice to do it right and to make it sound good, and it contains lots of emotion.

How bands Influence in fashion and political views.

How the music effects the local alternative scene.

We will look at the view that how allot more people like rnb/pop but how lyrics wise hardcore/alternative music is allot more meaningful, than all the shit on the radio about getting drunk and sex.

a big question we will look at is  like ” how people dislike the genre cause they dont like screaming,   they think it sounds messy (but we will go into how screams require talent) and we will compare the lyrics of radio music, e.g Kesha – Tik Tok, she sings about getting some and drinking allot… that’s what we want 12 -14 years olds doing. Getting pissed and having sex.

Some people may say this music is depressing, but it does contain meaning and an overall sense of relief for some people.

Music Piracy, and how it effects bands, and their growth.

Most songs these days contain  Auto Tune. People are becoming famous these days for having no musical talent at all! They  just put vocal effect on.

we should look at how auto tune affects modern music to

We will sit them on a couch and ask them questions,  but an idea  we ad was to never hear our voices,  just make the band seem as though they are talking fluently, cutting to the next question.

Our target audience:  14 and above. To inform and articulate different views.

Expository documentary with elements of interactive mode in it.

Characterised by:

  • ‘Voice of God’ narration directly addressing the viewer
  • Direct relationship between images and voice-over
  • Interviews used only in support of the film’s argument
  • A conventional narrative structure
  • A narrator who also may appear as a ‘character’ in the film (such as David Attenborough)
  • We will concentrate on the local music scene

Bands –ALL 3 BANDS HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED They offered for us to attend their band practice and interview them.

House vs Hurricanehttp://www.facebook.com/pages/House-Vs-Hurricane/105938237428?ref=ts

City Escape http://www.facebook.com/cityescape?ref=ts

Vultures -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vultures/106902827426?ref=ts

There will be more.

Maybe Carpathian or Hopeless.


Spoken to the Bands.


Avatar 3D – James Cameron

March 14, 2010


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February 28, 2010